A spiney lobster out in the open
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Where to find Lobster in the Florida Keys

March 24, 2017 Chuck 0

A lot of people know where to find lobster in the Keys. There are GPS coordinates listed on the internet. These places are crowded and picked over. In this article, you’ll learn how to find

A lionfish in Florida
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Lionfish in Florida

January 31, 2017 Chuck 1

Lionfish in Florida are an invasive species that have invaded the state’s coastal waters. The first sightings were reported in 1985 off the Atlantic Coast. The original fish were probably released by kindhearted aquarists after

Matlacha Bridge Sunrise
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The Matlacha Bridge – Great Fishing and More

January 19, 2017 Chuck 2

Matlacha Bridge fishing has been touted as the best bridge fishing in America, but the great fishing is only the start. Within walking distance there’s shopping, restaurants, hotels, a nice park for the kids as

Blind Pass Beach
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Blind Pass – The best shelling and fishing on Sanibel

January 22, 2016 Chuck 1

As with many barrier Islands, the two tips are the best places to fish. They’re also the best places to shell on Sanibel. The lower end is the most famous, but the northern tip, at

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Bowman’s Beach- Beach Fishing for Snook and Tarpon

October 27, 2015 Chuck 0

Bowman’s Beach on Sanibel is one of the best beaches in the world. In 2013, U.S. News & World Report rated it as the 8th best. It’s a beautiful beach with no buildings in sight.

The Sanibel fishing pier at Lighthouse Beach
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Sanibel Pier – Great fishing and shelling

September 12, 2015 Chuck 2

The Sanibel Fishing Pier has it all. Excellent fishing and shelling, a great view, and great areas for swimming and wading, but it does have negatives. Fishing The Sanibel Pier is a short pier, but

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Where to go spearfishing in the Florida Keys when freediving

February 20, 2015 Chuck 4

The places to go spearfishing in the Florida Keys on the Atlantic side can be divided into three basic areas. Spearfishing around the bridges is not included as between the currents and the boats, it’s

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The Cape Coral Yacht Club

February 11, 2015 Chuck 0

There are many parts to the Cape Coral Yacht Club. It has evolved from little more than a neighborhood park into a multifaceted destination, but it still has flaws. The Pier The pier is 600′

Sea Trout
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Circle Hooks and Soft Plastics

January 24, 2015 Chuck 0

Fishing pressure is intense in Florida. Florida waters are productive, but without fishing regulations, both the commercial and sports fishing industries would collapse. Most fishermen follow the rules, but they can’t control which fish hits