How to Choose a Wedding Dress for the Beach

A bride in a beach wedding dress

Choosing a wedding dress for the beach can be a bit tricky. Most brides have a style in mind before they ever step one foot into a bridal shop, which may or may not be a good thing. So before you set your heart on any dream dress, stop and consider a few things…

Beach Breezes

Think of the beach, and most think of a sunny day with a light breeze. But that breeze can be more like a wind storm and there’s no way to predict what your wedding day weather will be when you decide on a date 6, 8, 12 months in advance. Choosing a beach wedding dress with a loose fitting bodice or a plunging neck line may set the stage for a wardrobe malfunction in front of family and friends. If the skirt is too full and flow-y, you might have a Marilyn Monroe moment as you try to prevent the garment from rising up and over your head.

The Humidity

On the other side of the coin, what happens to your dress if there is no breeze on the day of your “I dos”. Breezes on the beach help keep the humidity at bay. Without them, that sunny beach canA bride on the beach and will become a sandy steam bath and your form hugging beaded satin dress will be soaked in sweat in no time. Big full skirts with lots of room for a puffy slip or two might be your style, but the more layers your wear, the hotter you will feel, so loose does not always equal comfort.

The Sand

Couples choose a beach wedding venue because they love the sea, the surf, and the sand. Sand comes in all textures from sugary soft to course and crunchy, but it all has one common characteristic – it clings to clothing and your beach wedding dress is no exception. Marching down the aisle with a long train of lace and trim floating behind might be the idea, but you might end up struggling to haul a bucket or two of sand that is weighing you down like an anchor.

The Solution

While finding a wedding dress for the beach that meets your specific style requirement, but avoids all the pitfalls mentioned above can be tricky, it can be done. First and foremost, be realistic, and keep an open mind. Tell the bridal shop personnel that you want a beach wedding dress, and about the exact location. Be willing to try and consider lighter weight fabrics or less beading and maybe a shorter train. Think about the actual beach and prioritize comfort over the latest fad. Remember, you want to enjoy your big day and not feel like you’re struggling to get through the ceremony.

You chose the beach because you love nature and the feeling of freedom, so be careful not to fall victim and feel trapped in a poorly chosen wedding dress. Keep in mind that you’re not looking for the prefect wedding dress. You’re looking for the perfect wedding dress for the beach.

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