A photo of a screwworm larva
FL Keys

Screwworms return to Florida

January 16, 2017 Chuck 0

The horror is back. Screwworms are the only insect that eats the healthy flesh of mammals, including man. Screwworm infections can be fatal to humans. The scientific name of the kind found in Florida is

key deer
FL Keys

Deer in Florida, Key Deer- Florida Keys

January 19, 2015 Rachel 1

The Florida Keys are home to a variety of animals, from birds of all kinds, tropical fish of all colors and insects of every sound. But did you know that a few select Keys are

Jumping Dolphin
Fish and Fishing

How to Not Feed the Dolphins While Fishing

January 17, 2015 Chuck 0

The bottlenose dolphin is the most beloved animal in Florida, but when he invites himself on a serious fishing trip, the comments expressed are far from affectionate. The Law It’s illegal to feed dolphin. Punishable