A spiney lobster out in the open
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Where to find Lobster in the Florida Keys

March 24, 2017 Chuck 0

A lot of people know where to find lobster in the Keys. There are GPS coordinates listed on the internet. These places are crowded and picked over. In this article, you’ll learn how to find

A photo of a screwworm larva
FL Keys

Screwworms return to Florida

January 16, 2017 Chuck 0

The horror is back. Screwworms are the only insect that eats the healthy flesh of mammals, including man. Screwworm infections can be fatal to humans. The scientific name of the kind found in Florida is

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FL Keys

7 Reasons to Visit the Florida Keys

February 28, 2015 Rachel 0

Welcome to the island nation of your dreams, er, we mean the Florida Keys. Here in the Keys, or as some would like to call- the Conch Republic, you’ll find everything you need for that

rachel campbell florida living magazine
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Where to go spearfishing in the Florida Keys when freediving

February 20, 2015 Chuck 4

The places to go spearfishing in the Florida Keys on the Atlantic side can be divided into three basic areas. Spearfishing around the bridges is not included as between the currents and the boats, it’s

Sand Key Lighthouse Reef
FL Keys

Sand Key Lighthouse Reef- Snorkeling Key West

January 27, 2015 Rachel 0

Some to the third largest barrier reef in the world, the Florida Barrier Reef, the Florida Keys are the ideal destination for those seeking endless sunshine over beautiful tropical fish filled waters. The barrier reef

iguanas of the florida keys
FL Keys

Iguanas of the Florida Keys and Key West

January 24, 2015 Rachel 2

Wildlife is everywhere in the keys, some old residents and some new. Most of them are enjoyed and even cherished by locals and tourists, though there is one big exception- the green iguana. A hot

key deer
FL Keys

Deer in Florida, Key Deer- Florida Keys

January 19, 2015 Rachel 1

The Florida Keys are home to a variety of animals, from birds of all kinds, tropical fish of all colors and insects of every sound. But did you know that a few select Keys are

Slice of Key Lime Pie

True Key Lime Pie

January 18, 2015 Kim 0

Welcome to Florida – land of endless white sand beaches, pink flamingos and the creamy light yellow culinary delight known as Key Lime Pie. Yes, I said yellow. And yes, the easiest way to spot

The shark is too big for the net
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Fishing for Sharks from a Kayak or Small Boat

January 13, 2015 Chuck 2

Fishing for sharks is often the quickest and easiest way to hook a big fish from your kayak. There is no need to go offshore which is physically demanding and entails some risk as emphasized