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With near constant sunshine, Florida is home to the land of bikinis. Here you’ll find designer red bikinis, Eco-friendly patterned bikinis, some that barely exist and others that cover it all. Most of the bikinis you’ll find however are crafted outside of Florida, leaving locals wishing for something made a little closer to home. That’s where Honukini Swimwear comes in and saves the day. Not only is this bikini brand located in the sunshine state, but a brand that’s rising up the ranks as a well made (and handmade) option that believes in spreading an ocean awareness message.

What is Honukini?

hunokini florida living magazineA bikini brand that believes in protecting what they love, Honukini prides itself on not only crafting beautiful pieces that you can wear around the world as well as your local beach, but on aiding in the protection of one of the world’s oldest and most loved creatures- the sea turtle. In fact, full proceeds of their honu decal goes straight to the Sea Turtle Conservancy. In addition, you’ll also find that some of their exclusive prints now use environmentally friendly fabrics that have been created from recycled materials.

Alongside offering style to anyone who wears one, Honukini also offers comfort for both land adventures and those under the sea. So whether you’re slipping your favorite cocktail on the beach somewhere in the Maldives after a long snorkel or you’re gearing up for an ATV ride in the Caribbean, you’ll find that your bikini stays in place the entire time.

honukini florida living magazineThe word Honu is the Hawaiian word for sea turtle. Not only are they praised for their ability to glide through the ocean’s waters with grace, but for their journeys throughout life. Unfortunately, due to hunting, beach degradation and large masses of ocean pollution in the form of plastic, Styrofoam and trash, the world’s sea turtle populations have been steadily in decline. Companies like Honukini however, are fighting back by helping to spread awareness anyway they can. If you would like to help contribute, make sure to purchase one of their sea turtle decals along with your bikini purchase.

Where can you buy a Honukini binkini?

Currently you can purchase any one of Honukini’s pieces through their website. You’ll also find a few other items such as their hand sculpted honu spirit necklace and decals.

Should you purchase a bikini?

The answer is YES! Here are some reasons why:

  • honukini reviewEach piece is handmade
  • Each piece is designed with comfort in mind
  • Each piece is stylish and attractive, making you feel great even on those bad hair days
  • Each piece stays in place, even when you’re in the middle of the ocean swimming with a friendly group of dolphins
  • The company supports Eco-made fabrics and even uses them on select pieces
  • This brand is part of an elite class of companies who value the world they live in while also taking active steps to help protect our oceans

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