The Osprey Nests of Matlacha Park

The West osprey nest

There are three working osprey nests in the park now. No chicks have been observed yet. It’s still early.

The Nests

The entrance to Matlacha Park is next to the Blue Dog restaurant. All the nests are in the front of the park. Two are on artificial nest platforms. The other is in a palm tree. When you drive into the park you’ll be forced toMatlacha Park Map make a right. The palm tree nest is a little more than half way to the corner. It looks precarious, but there has been a lot of wind and it’s still up there. A pair of ospreys are maintaining it. You’ll see it on your right.

You may have already spotted the western artificial nest. It’s at the corner on the outside of the circling road. The third nest is near the kayak launch. It’s not doing as well as the other two. It’s often empty, but I’ve seen a pair of osprey in it.

Feeding Stations

A line of power poles run along the front of Matlacha Park. Osprey will stand on these sturdy platforms when feeding, even sometimes when their nest is near by. This could be because they don’t want to share with their partner or be bothered by their chicks.


I will keep updating this article. Follow along to see how these three Matlacha nestsPalm osprey nest progress. How many chicks will be fledged and join an already dense population? We can all learn more about these incredible raptors together. If you have anything to add, comments would be appreciated.

2/27/2015 AM: Saw two osprey in the palm nest and one each in the other nests. The palm nest looks smaller. They may not make it. I think the second West Nest osprey was on top of the nearest power pole eating a fish.

3/8/2015 AM: Saw one osprey in each nest.

3/16/2015 PM: Saw a chick in the Kayak nest.

3/23/2015 AM: There are two chicks in the Kayak Nest. I saw one osprey on the West Nest. No osprey and very little nest at the Palm Nest. It may have failed.

3/28/2015 AM: Saw one chick in the Kayak Nest. Both parents were around. I saw both adults at the West Nest, but no chicks. I did see an osprey at the Palm Nest, but no real nest.

Osprey Chick and Parent
There was at least one chick in the Kayak Nest on 03/29/2015

3/29/2015 AM: Saw one chick in Kayak Nest and one parent. Saw one parent at the West Nest, but no chicks. This nest may not produce. Nothing at the Palm Nest. I’m not going to mention it again unless I see something. It has failed.

4/7/2015 AM: One chick and one parent at the Kayak Nest. Two parents at the West Nest but still no chicks.

4/21/2015 AM: It looks like there is one chick at the kayak nest. There are no chicks at the others. It looks like the nests will only produce one chick this season. I had expected more.

5/17 AM: The West Nest was built on a man made stand. That stand has collapsed and there is no nest there now.

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