Cheap Florida Cruises to the Bahamas- Ranked by Price

Even though Florida is full of great vacation destinations, from her beautiful beaches to the wild grasses of the Everglades, every now and then we do like to venture out of the state to looking for a new horizon or two. A great way to do that on a budget is a Florida cruise to the Bahamas!

The Bahamas, conveniently located next to the eastern portion of the state, is a great Caribbean island destination with 700 different islands and 2,000 different cays just waiting to be explored. But flights and hotels prices can add up, suddenly washing your budget out to sea. That’s where cruises come in, offering a cheap alternative while still allowing you to experience the Bahamas. Below you’ll find a list of cheap Florida cruises to the Bahamas that are ranked by price from the cheapest cruise line to the most expensive.

The cruise experience

Imagine spending hours at sea, watching the horizon change colors throughout the day while sipping on tropical drinks on the sun deck, waiting patiently to arrive at the island of your dreams- this is what a Florida cruise to the Bahamas has in store for you. These cruises, leaving from Florida and traveling to some of the best islands in the Bahamas, combine sleeping accommodations, restaurants serving delicious dish after dish, entertainment and relaxation into a nice budget friendly package.

Saving money

florida cruises to bahamasWhen most people think of a trip to the Bahamas from Florida, they try their best to calculate the cost of the trip. These trip cost estimates can sometimes leave vacation hopefuls a little blue in the face as hotel rates and flight fares, not to mention food and drink costs, can add up to a pretty penny. Also, instead of just visiting one single island, you’ll be visiting a handful, allowing you to really get a chance to see what the Bahamas offer. This is a great way to choose your favorite island that you’ll later visit time and time again.

With cruises, especially in today’s market, you’ll find that prices have leveled out nicely and most of the time will end up costing a lot less than flights and hotels combined. Due to this price difference, it makes perfect sense to take your dream vacation via cruise rather than the old fashion way. In fact, as an added bonus, you’ll find yourself much less stressed about daily activities as cruise lines will often take care of that for you. In the end, not only are you saving money, but you’re basically getting a free travel planner as well. Could you ask for anything more?

Cheap Florida Cruises to the Bahamas

The list below is ranked from the cheapest cruise onward for the month of June in the summer of 2015. Prices include the general ticket per person with cruise, port and other fees extra and varying from cruise line to cruise line. Prices may change (either up or down) but generally all cruise lines will change their prices in the same direction so the list order should stay the same throughout the upcoming months.

All cruises are 4 nights or 4 days and leave from either Miami, Florida or Fort Lauderdale, Florida, each with large airports close to port, great for those traveling from out of state.

1- Norwegian Cruise Line $319 (cheapest)

Sailing Itinerary: Miami, Florida – Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas – Nassau, Bahamas- Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas – Miami, Florida

florida cruises to bahamasOn this cruise, you’ll find yourself island hopping on the youngest ship currently sailing short sails in the Bahamas, the Norwegian Sky. This vessel is great for everyone with options galore including 10 dining choices, 11 different bars and lounges, a spa, a casino and much more. Norwegian Cruise Line believes in fun for the whole family with kid friendly activities available everyday, great for parents who would like a little alone time.

2- Royal Caribbean International $464

Sailing Itinerary: Miami, Florida – Nassau, Bahamas – CocoCay, Bahamas – Key West, Florida – Miami, Florida

florida cruises to the bahamasOn this cruise you’ll find yourself on cloud nine, as you enjoy an ocean trip on the Majesty of the Seas, with a newly remodeled pool deck, expanded Day Spa and Fitness Center and refurbished staterooms. Royal Caribbean International is all about the combination of style and luxury with the added touches of relaxation and fun.

3- Princess Cruises $499

Sailing Itinerary: Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Nassau, Bahamas – Princess Cays, Bahamas – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

florida cruises to bahamasTraveling in style on the Emerald Princess, guests will find themselves privy to the finer things in life while still on a budget. Forget feeling like a princess or prince, on Princess Cruises you’ll feel as if you rule the kingdom with personalized service, great dishes inspired by international cultures, boutique shopping and rich entertainment from a sports deck to Gatsby’s Casino. Looking to take your relationship to the next level? There’s even a wedding chapel on board.

4- Carnival Cruises $678

Sailing Itinerary: Miami, Florida – Nassau, Bahamas – Half Moon Cay, Bahamas – Miami, Florida

indexAboard the Carnival Ecstasy, you’ll find a home away from home. While at sea, you’ll find lots of different services, some you would expect, while others a surprised luxury. Some of those added bonuses include men’s services including shaves and haircuts, hair and beauty services for woman including cuts, dyes and more, both signature and causal dining, a kids menu with lots of different options, a comedy club, different water activities and much, much more. If traveling with young kids, they’ll be delighted by Camp Carnival with games and activities to keep them busy the entire trip. Carnival Cruises is a cruise line dedicated to providing the best of the best for all travelers, no matter the age.

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